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The Learning Systems Needs to be Updated! Here’s Why

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If 2020 has made one thing painfully clear is that schools and universities need to update their learning systems. Now more than ever!!

Hey, folks. This is going to be a more serious article. If I come up with some spicy jokes, you are going to see them, but I am going to try and maintain the seriousness for this one.

With 2020 and the shifting of education to a more online mode, the curriculum and syllabus were modified. However, what education needs right now is an overhaul.

Throughout the years there have been many reports of how learning systems in many parts of the world have become obsolete—most of these criticisms are directed towards the American and Indian school systems.

A tale of two learning systems

To understand the problems in these learning systems, here is an article by Students 4 Social Change, a Forum link for Quora, and one by The Asian Age.

I recommend going through the links since they expertly highlight the problems of our system.

Interestingly enough, the Indian and American systems suffer from different problems—the problems that seem to be present in most learning systems.

The problem in the American System stems from ‘the one size fits all’ mentality, where the method of teaching has not changed for centuries and the way information is conveyed has been the same.

In India, the system has changed from its European origins along with the fact that the country entertains multiple Boards of Education which bring different systems with them [CBSE, ISCE, State, etc].

The problem in India is despite the many boards, all of them follow the exam-based approach to education; not to mention the amount of corruption that has brought the system to its knees.

Both these systems have different problems. However, both sets of problems stem from the fact that these systems are OLD.

Please note that India and America were used as examples to show the problems that exist within many systems. No system is perfect but that implies that we must at least try. In many ways, the criticisms of the American system still do not reduce it from the fact that it is still one of the premier learning systems in the world.

Better learning systems

One learning system that receives a lot of praise and is generally considered one of the best systems of education across the world is Finland’s System.

Emphasis on foundational basics is an important reason why Finland has the best education system in the world. Students get time and scope to build the best foundation and basics at their own pace. This is mixed with a lack of standardized testing, the discouragement of mugging, and supportive technology with little to no homework

In short, Finland goes in the complete opposite direction from other countries in terms of Education. The results are proof that other countries need to adopt a system derived from them. Here is an article by World Economic Forum on it and why it is the best. P.S. apart from Finland, Japan is also given praise for its system.

An appointed time

There is no doubt that the current education systems are not molding the future of students in any good way. While a lot of criticisms do carry on to universities, school is where the problems show their ugly head the most.

It’s time that we change the system. With our current situation demanding change, there has never been a more important time to change the way education takes place.

It is obvious that education is not going to be the same moving forward, with online classes becoming more frequent even in a Post-Covid World and teachers using apps and expecting assignments through emails rather than hand-ins.


Nothing much to add here; I took examples, shared articles, and did my best to explain why we need change; and well if you still do not believe me you can just ask Elon Musk about it. Tweet him, c’mon!

There are a ton of videos available where the billionaire can be seen criticizing the system; here is an example.

Anyway, Safe Travels Friend.

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