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10 Ways to Make Maths Fun

Maths is often a subject that students generally frown on. Although being good at maths is a good indicator of intelligence, the way both students & teachers approach Maths can determine whether or not the student likes the subject or gives up on it. In this article, I have compiled a list of 10 ways that I feel are essential to making Maths fun & interesting

Here is a list of 10 ways to make maths fun.

Why is Maths Hard?

Maths can be hard; however, a valid question that always arises is why is it hard?

A few reasons that spring to mind are:

  1. The tediousness of maths.
  2. The progression in difficulty.
  3. Hard to understand concepts.
  4. Possibly the biggest reason is that maths is practice-based and it takes both time and practice to be proficient in it.

So here are a few ways a teacher as well as a student can make maths fun.

10 Ways to Make Maths Fun

1. Real life Examples

One of the best ways to teach maths can be by using real life examples as well as pointing out how maths is ever present in nature.

A few examples: Use a bowl filled with water to explain volume, talk about buildings and how they are structured at 90 degrees, physically taking into account the angles of a triangle, talk about the hexagonal structure of a honeycomb, etc.

2. Student interaction

Another great way to learn maths is by learning it from a friend. I think we can all say that sometimes our friends have been more effective than our teachers in explaining concepts, in maths group study is essential.

Students working in groups can answer each other’s doubts, solve difficult questions together and teach each other concepts.

Learning together is among the best ways of learning.

3. Drawing Models

An extension of the first point. Maths becomes extremely simple if a problem can be understood visually.

You need not draw a masterpiece but still drawing out mathematical problems helps in both understanding and ease the process of solving since the brain is more receptive to images rather than words.

4. Using Vedic and other Techniques

Now, I don’t have enough space to gush about Vedic Maths but by learning a few tricks here and there, you can cut out on what is probably the worst aspect of maths; the tedious calculations.

A few tricks which can be easily learned can cut down calculation time by minutes, and therefore these techniques can help maintain interest and not frustrate the student.

5. Greater focus on Practical Classes

Again, this is an extension of the first point (which just shows how important practical maths is).

Anyway, a greater focus on practical maths can be instrumental in building and rebuilding concepts, this could especially be useful for weaker students.

Students would pay more attention to something if they themselves are doing it rather than listening to the teacher talk about it.

6. Friendly Competition

Who does not love friendly competition? Speaking from personal experience, conducting a quiz in which the class is divided into teams is one of the most exhilarating ways to learn maths.

By introducing competition, you introduce an aspect of fun and thrill and at the same time promote teamwork among students.

A competition is also the easiest way to become the class favourite, trust me.

7. Topic wise, not Chapter wise

This might not seem important but following the principle of topics not chapters take a huge workload off the student’s shoulders.

By focusing on topics rather than chapters, students can understand topics in bite size quantity instead of forcing an entire multi topic chapter down their throats.

Dividing the chapter into topics and focusing on each topic is an important advice that should be followed in order to make maths easy and comfortable.

Also, this advice goes for every subject, not just maths.

8. Interesting Applications and Riddles

Questions based on 0x0 can raise some of the most interesting conundrums.

Maths is full of topics which raise interesting questions, solving these questions requires in depth knowledge and idea of application and hence using riddle and trick questions can be a very useful way to learn maths.

Solving Riddles is fun and by adding maths it becomes educational, now that’s an addition nobody can dispute.

9. Reward System

Not the best way in my opinion but still, rewarding students for solving can get them into a habit of solving maths.

The rewards need not be big, a chocolate bar suffices in most cases.

This technique is useful for stubborn or lazy students.

10. Songs

Hey, remember that song that got stuck in your head last week, what if the lyrics were the table of 17?

There are plenty of songs with simple maths numericals as lyrics and catchy tunes.

Remembering a table by humming a tune is a pretty simple way to remember things.

Again this extends to almost every subject. (I myself  remember the names’ of the planets by humming a song.)


These here are some of the most useful ways to make maths fun. At the end of the day, maths is hard. But with practice, determination, a few skills, and a little luck; Maths can be done

Hope you enjoyed this list of 10 ways to make maths fun.

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